Specializing in products that feature materials found in nature, we curate and craft items that are inspired by the world around us.

Each piece has its own unique organic look and feel, bringing the beauty of nature indoors to enjoy year around.

Shop our collections of Crystals, Wood, Plants, and more today!

Crystals & Minerals

We carry an assortment of rocks, crystals, minerals, and gemstones from around the world in various shapes and sizes. We work hard to handpick unique, high-quality pieces for your collections. Whether you enjoy them for their beauty, or collect them for their healing properties, we have what you've been looking for. Check out the sparkling beauties in the Crystals & Minerals Collection today!


Wood is at the heart of many of our creations. It adds an earthy element to a space and can be worked into many different designs. This is one of our favorite materials to work with and there are new products added to the site often. Take a look at our creative handiworks in the Wood Collection and prepare to be inspired.


Plants add vibrancy and life to any room! We carry a variety of air plants to decorate your space, as well as elegantly preserved plant art that brings the beauty of nature indoors with little to no maintenance. Check out these flourishing lovelies in our Plants Collection.