Designs Rooted In Nature Team

Meet our team of hardworking, passionate creators:

Renae L.
Renae is an eco-inspired hippy at heart. She loves working with rocks, wood, plants, and anything that brings a sense of nature into our personal lives. She loves being outdoors and coming up with new ways to use the things around us creatively.

Lela H.
Lela is passionate about rocks and gemstones! In her free time, you can find her exploring new places and often looking down to see what new beauties she can find. She has an eye for quality and detail that is reflected in the products we offer.

Brian H.
Brian is our primary woodworker. His brain sparks with creativity and he's always coming up with new ideas and fun things to try. He is a jack-of-all trades and a collector of new tools. Just try to stump him with a project, I dare ya.

Matt B.
Matt loves to work with his hands and create new things. If you have an idea, he's the perfect partner to help make it happen. His mind is always at work figuring out new ways of doing things and he loves to inspire others to follow their dreams.

Brett H.
Brett is great to partner with to get things done. He's always up for a new project and he's willing to lend a helping hand wherever it's needed. His mind works to find efficiencies and solve problems when they come up. He's a true asset on our team.
Heather H.
Heather is our social media extraordinaire. Originally from MN and currently residing in the PNW with her husband and two cats. She is an avid antiquer, dancer, mountaineer, and general explorer of the natural world. From alpine summits, to coastal forests, and deserts, she loves them all!